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Business Consultation


"Welcome to a world of boundless passion and entrepreneurial spirit, where big ideas come to life and innovation thrives.

Here, we are not simply building projects; we are crafting legacies that will stand the test of time."


Impact & Intention

At Impact & Intention, we are committed to helping you achieve lasting results. Our coaching and consulting strategies are grounded in a research-based methodologies. We utilize the latest tools and techniques to maximize efficiencies, drive down cost, and create a work/life balance you'll love.

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Village of Becoming

​As a village, we have created a program to counsel and lead. We focus on assisting homeless youth from underprivileged homes, poverty-stricken environments, and aging out of Foster Care.


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Madly Off

We specialize in developing innovative marketing campaigns that enhance brand awareness and leverage the power of National Days to connect with your target audience in compelling ways. 

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​Destination Celebration TV Show

Destination Celebration highlights people coming together through the power of National Days. Witness the excitement as Latoya and Marlo embark on incredible journeys, unleashing unpredictable stories about different places, amazing food, and the people who celebrate it all.

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​Destination Celebration Podcast

Welcome to 'Destination: Celebration,' where every day is a reason to celebrate! With insightful narratives and a sprinkle of fun, co-hosts Marlo Anderson and Latoya Johnson explore the history, significance, and wonders of each special day on the National Day Calendar. Whether it’s the little moments that bring a smile to your face or grand occasions that deserve a grand toast, 'Destination Celebration' is your daily dose of inspiration, learning, and, of course, celebration. 

Focus on finding your “why,” and you will find exactly what you’re looking for within yourself. 
- T. Johnson

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