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"In the world of entrepreneurship, there's no greater superpower than a mother's resilience. We rise, we grind, and we conquer - all while raising the future."
- T. Johnson

"The alchemy of impact and intention transforms our actions into lasting legacies. It then fuels a ripple effect that transcends time and space."

- T. Johnson

​Latoya Johnson has embodied many different roles such as; business owner, business developer, mentor, philanthropist, nonprofit founder, author, and devoted mother. Rising above her humble beginnings, Latoya made a conscious choice to defy the odds and create a life of purpose and abundance.


Resilient and driven, Latoya's personal philosophy revolves around the powerful duo of Impact and Intention. Living by this mantra, she ensures that every endeavor she undertakes is executed with a clear purpose and a commitment to making a positive difference. Latoya firmly believes that we have the power to decide how circumstances affect us and that intentionality is key to forging our own paths.


As a passionate advocate for growth and development, Latoya has dedicated her life to uplifting others through her numerous ventures. Her unwavering determination, coupled with her innate ability to inspire and connect with others, has positioned her as a prominent figure in her community and beyond.


In Latoya's world, there are no limits – only opportunities to make a lasting impact and to live a life filled with intention.

"Everything in life happens For us and not To us. When I finally realized that, my life started moving in a direction that felt more meaningful. I started to slow down and appreciate all of the little things happening in my life." 

- T. Johnson


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