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Impact & Intention

Inspiring Growth, Creating Change

Welcome to a community where your potential is nurtured, your goals are within reach, and your journey to success begins.

​Our Three Core Pillars


Providing the tools and guidance needed to assist in overcoming 
challenges and reaching goals.


Offering high-quality education that equips students with essential skills and insights for success.


Inspiring transformative experiences that lead to lasting positive impact.

Join us in unlocking your fullest potential and creating meaningful, lasting change in your life.

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Transform Your Future

Impact & Intention Academy

with the

Dive into a rich selection of engaging courses and workshops crafted to elevate your life skills. Our immersive and hands-on programs span a variety of essential topics, empowering you to excel both personally and professionally.

Living Confidently On Your Own:

Living Confidently On Your Own:

Living Confidently On Your Own:

Financial Literacy 101

Financial Literacy 101

Manage your finances with confidence.

Personal Development Planning

Personal Development Planning

Create and execute effective development plans.

Mastering the Interview Process

Mastering the Interview Process

Stand out and succeed in job interviews

Navigating Your Career Journey

Navigating Your Career Journey

Tools and strategies for career success.

Discover the path to your most successful and fulfilling future with us!

Our ever-evolving course curriculum is crafted to provide young adults, with the essential skills and knowledge to become self-sufficient and thrive in life. Whether you come from an underprivileged background or simply looking to enhance your skills and abilities, our programs are designed for everyone.


Learn how to manage your finances, build a career, and develop life skills that will empower you to live independently and successfully. Take the first step towards a bright and self-sufficient future with us. Don't wait—sign up today and start building the life you deserve!

Unlock Your

with our

Personalized Coaching Sessions

These services are designed to help you reach your professional and personal aspirations.

Whether you're striving for a promotion, navigating a career change, or developing your leadership skills, T. Johnson is dedicated to guiding you through each step of your journey.

Business Plan

Revolutionize Your Business

utilizing our

Professional Consulting Services

Our expert consulting services are designed to enhance your acumen and drive success.

Our comprehensive offerings include leadership development to master the art of guiding and inspiring your team, business strategies that propel your business forward, and process improvement to boost efficiency and productivity with streamlined processes.

We provide market expansion strategies to help you scale your business and conquer new markets, as well as team building to strengthen team dynamics and foster a collaborative, high-performing workforce.

Inspiring Change Through
Powerful Stories

Speaking Engagements

T. Johnson, the driving force behind Impact & Intention, is a dynamic speaker who empowers individuals to be the best version of themselves.

Through her engaging talks on personal and professional development, finding spirituality, and sharing her own inspiring journey, Latoya motivates audiences to embrace their potential and live a life filled with intention.

A Path To Discovery

Impact and Intention Book Series

with the

Our three-book series offers powerful insights and practical guidance to help you achieve positive change and unlock your true self.

Featuring an interactive workbook for personal and professional development, a guide on the basics of entrepreneurship, and a book focused on healing your inner child, each volume is enriched with priceless jewels.

Whether you're a business owner, entrepreneur, or on a journey of personal growth, these books provide the inspiration and tools you need.

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Coming Soon

Impact & Intention

A Journey to

Embrace Your Strength &
Empower Your Growth

Impact & Intention

Coming Soon

Impact & Intention

Mastering The Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship


Celebrating Empowerment

Woman of Intention & Impact Event

On June 5th, 2022, Impact & Intention hosted a groundbreaking Women's Empowerment Brunch at the Stirling Club in Las Vegas. This exclusive gathering united women from various backgrounds to network and participate in empowering activities.

Led by T. Johnson, the event offered a supportive environment for personal development, fostering connections, and sharing dreams. The brunch was marked by inspiring speeches, powerful energy, and meaningful interactions, leaving attendees uplifted and motivated to pursue their goals.


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